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Pandjiris Gantry Welding System

Gantry Welding System
                                                          Pandjiris Gantry System prior to rebuilding

Quad Head Subarc Gantry Automation System

4 Head Pandjiris Gantry Welding System. Heavy duty gantry mounted on twin powered travel cars that runs on twin 60 lb track with 59 between rails. 166 side beam with 60 powered vertical lift (currently configured for 36). 2 each powered travel carriages, each with 2 Lincoln NA-5 Heads and 2 Cyclomatic mechanical seam trackers. 4 Lincoln DC-1000 power supplies. Invincible flux recovery system.


  • 4 Lincoln Electric submerged-arc welding heads with location assistance provided by Cyclomatic tactile seam trackers

  • Automatic flux delivery and flux recovery

  • Variable speed gantry with powered height adjustment of cross beam


  • Pandjiris Gantry

  • Heavy duty gantry frame mounted on twin powered travel cars Travel cars, master & slave (recently rebuilt motors, gearbox, control), approx 120 x 70

  • Rail track is 60 lb with 59 between rails

  • Cross beam that weld apparatus is mounted on has powered lift of up to 60 of vertical travel via ball-screw on each side, currently configured for 36 of travel

  • Hydraulic hold down devices (2 ea) with 6 vertical stroke

  • All welding apparatus and flux equipment is mounted on the gantry

  • Floor mounted as well as boom mounted controls

Welding Apparatus

  • Lincoln Electric (4 ea) DC-1000 power supplies

  • Lincoln Electric (4 ea) NA-5 digital automatic weld controller

  • Cyclomatic (4 ea) automatic seam tracker, tactile type, for independent tracking of each of 4 weld heads, 10 x 10 stroke

  • Joystick and pendant control of powered cross-slides

  • Flux Equipment Invincible Flux Recovery system with 2 ea vacuum blowers mounted atop the gantry frame and hoses to both pickup unused flux as well as re-distribute it to the storage hoppers. Invincible flux delivery hoppers (4 ea) designed to deliver and store 2 different types of flux and allows for quick and easy changeover of flux supply. One hopper supplies 2 heads

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